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This Month in Your Garden- May 2024

Coastal Region – Brad Fowler The time to fertilize warm-season turfgrass has finally arrived. Be sure to fertilize based on soil test results and the specific needs of the turf. Check out the yearly maintenance calendars for each type of turfgrass for
May 2, 2024

Question of the Week – Brown Lacewing

What is this critter that was found resting on the wall inside of a garage? This is another beneficial insect: a brown lacewing. Brown lacewings are smaller than the more common green lacewings, though both are voracious predators of soft-bodied insects, particularly
May 1, 2024

SC Fruit and Vegetable Field Report – April 29, 2024

Check out the latest episode of the SC Grower Exchange Podcast. Don’t forget to look at our Resources tab for links to crop handbooks, helpful websites, and related blogs. Midlands Region Phillip Carnley  Brassicas are doing well with the cooler nights, but
April 30, 2024

Chinese Fringetree Puts on a Show in the Spring

Many of you may be familiar with our native fringetree, Chionanthus virginicus, often called Grancy graybeard, granddaddy graybeard or old man’s beard. It is a wonderful small tree that grows throughout the state but is certainly not a common site. It begins
April 29, 2024

April 29 Week 5 Garden Photos

Cicada Brood XIX has arrived in Greenwood County. Enjoy the amazing photos taken by HGIC Agent, Ginger Long. Brood XIX is one of the largest broods in the country, covering the greatest geographic area. In South Carolina, the emergence is projected to
April 29, 2024


Boxwood has long been a cornerstone of southern gardens, especially on historic estates in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. They are ideal for formal gardens with their dense growth habit that allows them to be pruned into hedges, rounded shrubs, and topiaries.
April 25, 2024


Bluestars are in the genus Amsonia. There are at least twenty-two known species, and most are native to the Eastern United States. All are in the Apocynaceae (Dogbane) family, so named because the milky sap is slightly toxic to dogs. Due to
April 25, 2024

Question of the Week – Hover Fly Larva

What is this maggot-looking insect on the bottom of this strawberry leaf? This is a hover fly larva. Hover flies (Syrphidae), also called syrphid flies, are common bee-mimicking flies that are often seen hovering around flowers and landing on your sweaty skin
April 24, 2024

SC Fruit and Vegetable Field Report – April 22, 2024

Check out the latest episode of the SC Grower Exchange Podcast below. Statewide Jhessye Moore-Thomas As the end of the first year of the Climate-Smart Grown in SC program is approaching, leafy greens growers are preparing for verification visits. Here is a
April 23, 2024
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