Pageland Elementary treats readers

Pageland Elementary School recently treated student readers to a Book Bash picnic for reading ten or more books over the summer. The students also kept up summaries in a journal about the books that they read.
October 13, 2014


Fall has arrived in South Carolina! Native fall-blooming wildflowers, with their flower colors of intense purple, yellow, orange, and white hues, brighten up the autumn landscape. One of my favorites is Ironweed (Vernonia species), with its vivid, deep purple flowers that bloom
September 25, 2023

Soil Salinity and its Effects on Turfgrass Pests

Management of soil salinity and pests are among the most critical components of maintaining a healthy stand of turfgrass.1,2 Salinity and pest management are increasingly severe issues for turfgrass managers. Individually, soil salinity and pests cause a great deal of damage to
September 22, 2023

Gardening For Warblers

Fall bird migration is in full swing in South Carolina. As our temperatures cool and the days get shorter, many birds start preparing to move south. Many warblers pass through the South Carolina Botanical Garden (SCBG) on their way to subtropical and
September 21, 2023

What Is It? Wednesday – Snake Bean Flower

This hairy-looking flower will develop into a snake bean flower. I recently visited a community garden and was stumped when the groundskeeper asked me if I knew what plant this crazy-looking flower belonged to. After I blanked for some time, I was informed
September 20, 2023

Managing Pine Trees with A Thinning

Forest management practices, such as thinnings, are recommended to meet landowner management objectives, including generating income, improving habitat for wildlife species, and, most importantly, maintaining a healthy and productive forest. Properly timed thinnings in pine stands will provide all these benefits. Thinnings
September 18, 2023

A Lazy Gardener Gets Climate-Smart

Last year, the United States Department of Agriculture announced a $70 million investment into a Clemson-South Carolina State partnership “to increase the acreage and number of farmers using cover crops, prescribed grazing, reduced tillage, and other conservation practices that will not only
September 18, 2023
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