Selecting Fertilizer Mixtures for Fertigation

Depending upon the physio-chemical properties of the fertilizer solution, many fertilizers, both solid and liquid, are suitable for fertigation (application of fertilizer dissolved in irrigation water).1 Fertigation can be a great way to improve the fertilizer use efficiency of crops, as it
June 26, 2024

How to Conduct a Timber Cruise

A forest inventory assesses the quality, quantity, and value of trees in a forest. Inventory focused on standing timber (live timber) is called a timber cruise. Inventories are also done for other objectives, such as wildlife habitat assessment or biodiversity conservation. When
June 17, 2024

Watermelon Fungicide Guide

The information provided below is current at this time. No changes have been made since the 2022 version of this publication. Four foliar diseases reduce watermelon yields in South Carolina. Gummy stem blight and powdery mildew are the most common diseases in
June 4, 2024

Horn Fly Control: Dealing with Insecticide Resistance

Fly management and control are challenging to many beef cattle producers nationwide. Horn flies (Haematobia irritans) are the most prevalent pest in terms of economic losses to cattle producers and are estimated to account for around $1 billion in monetary damages to
June 3, 2024

Using Education to Reduce Instances of Foodborne Illness

Foodborne illness is caused by eating foods and beverages contaminated with various pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and parasites. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that roughly 48 million people get some kind of foodborne illness each year.1 Of those 48 million people,
March 25, 2024

Micro-Irrigation System Maintenance to Prevent Clogging

Clogging is a major issue in micro-irrigation systems, which can cause poor water distribution and requires regular maintenance for optimum irrigation system performance. This publication provides information about the causes of clogging in micro-irrigation systems and how to prevent and ameliorate clogging.
March 14, 2024

MyPlate: A Guide to Healthier Eating

Maintaining a healthy diet can be challenging in today’s fast-paced world. Diet quality can have an important impact on the ability to perform everyday activities and overall health. In an effort to help Americans improve diet quality and increase physical activity, the
February 1, 2024
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